Dietary Skin Tips

Some of the most frequent questions I get are around skin. There are multiple factors that play a role in its appearance including, hormones, intestinal health, nutritional status and genetics.

What we put into our bodies reflects back out. Being the body’s largest organ of elimination, your skin is a prime example of this. In my opinion this is a blessing pushing you to make conscious choices and tune into your bodies needs.

There’s so much you can do in terms of diet when it comes to your skins health. These are some of my favourite dietary tips!

Zinc is an essential antioxidant for skin. It encourages new cell production, protects us from the sun UV rays and speeds healing on scar tissue. Since zinc is also a precursor to the production of various hormones, it plays an important role in their balance too.
*Be aware that copper and zinc need to be balanced in the body. If you have a copper IUD, you may want to think about supplementing with zinc.
Food sources:
pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, chickpeas, beef, lamb, liver, oysters, shrimp and mushrooms

Yes, Fat. Get yourself some fats rich in omega 3’s into your diet to help reduce inflammation and retain moisture in your skin. You’ll thank me when you’re not as dry and flaky in the winter time!
Food sources:
olive oil, olives, fish, avocado, nuts and seeds

Heal Your Gut
Get your gut in check! When your intestinal bacteria is out of balance, that can host a whole load of problems. This includes more permeable intestinal junctions, which can lead to the development of food intolerances and inflammatory reactions manifesting through the skin.Minimize sugar intake, add probiotics into your diet and seek help from a professional to dive into more complicated details
Food sources:
sauerkraut, kimchi, cultured pickles, kombucha, kefir

Collagen is vital for our skins structure and elasticity. It gives us a more youthful appearance, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Collagen depletion is a natural part of aging so it’s important to keep our bodies well supplied with diet and supplementation.
Food and supplement sources:
Bone broth and collagen powder

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