My Journey With Becoming A Foot Nerd

Last year, I embarked on a wonderful journey to learn more about the human foot. I enrolled in the Foot Nerd program through The Foot Collective

Why feet? 

I had foot pain when I worked at the hospital. The pain was so bad that I would have trouble walking when I got home. It was the only period in my life where I had foot pain. I was told that I needed orthotics, and being the stubborn person I am, I decided to not do that and learn more about why I was getting pain in the first place. 

I attended a TFC seminar here in Ottawa and everything clicked! I wasn’t actually used to wearing shoes. Most of the things I did in my everyday life involved being barefoot and allowing my feet to function naturally. I trained clients, walked around my house, and went to my gym barefoot. So when I started the long shifts at the hospital wearing shoes for most of my waking house, I really felt it. After the seminar, I purchased my first pair of human shoes that I could wear at the hospital. It was a difficult transition at first since I had to give my feet time to develop the muscles it required to support me, but after a few days: no more foot pain! This was huge for me, as the pain was a big barrier in my life. 

Your feet are your foundation. Everything you do starts with the interaction between the ground and your feet and as a trainer, I thought that it was important to understand this interaction. 

After learning more about how the feet can influence everything else in your body, I started to learn more about how the rest of the body can function more naturally. How can I move my body the way it was designed to move? How can I fuel my body with the food that it needs to function? How can I recover my body the way it was meant to recover? How can I make all of these things attainable for my clients? 

Becoming a Foot Nerd has introduced me to a tribe of individuals who share the same passion as I do. A passion to continuously improve and learn, educate and influence those around us, and be the change we want to see in our current healthcare system. 

Thank you Foot Collective for being such a great mentor and to my fellow health nerds sharing their knowledge and helping me with the process :)

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