Tips For Healthy Holidays

It’s that wonderful time of year! Traditions, excitement, community and delicious food.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions around how to stay healthy during the holidays. In my opinion life is all about balance and adapting to your circumstances. So when it comes to this season that same rule applies.

These are my favourite tips on how to find that middle line:

Don’t Skip Meals
Skipping meals with the intention of making room and saving calories often times leads to overeating. Save yourself from falling for this trap by eating high protein snacks or meals before the event. Ex: eggs, cheese, greek yogurt, mixed nuts/seeds, Chicken + mixed greens & avocado. This way you won’t be headed into a gathering controlled by hunger.

Bring a dish
If you’re concerned that you won’t know what to eat then bring your own dish! This way you’ll have at least one healthy option you can lean on and feel relaxed about.


It’s okay to indulge a little during the holidays, just find a healthy balance. Choose one item you’d like to treat yourself to at each gathering. Examples: dessert, appetizers or maybe some extra stuffing. Then have the rest of your choices be centered around whole foods.

Eat Slow, until full
With so much food  surrounding you, it’s easy to overeat. To curb this put your fork down between bites to slow yourself down. This helps improve your gut hormone response in helping cue your body that it’s full.

Saying No

I think we all have those family members that get offended if you don’t overstuff yourself on their dish. “ More, more, unacceptable, you must drown in my gravy!!”. For these people it’s best to stand your ground and be polite. Tell them that they’re dish was amazing or it looks delicious and you you wish you had room, but unfortunately you’re full. Your auntie will get over it. 

All these extra gatherings are the perfect excuse to be exercising, not avoiding it! If you keep moving now it’ll be easier to continue and sustain that routine during the new year.

Let it go

The holidays are meant for celebration, delicious foods and some extra fun. Do your best and if you do indulge in some extra desserts or wine, let it go. It’s not the end of the world, it won’t ruin your progress and you did not fail. Just pick yourself up the next day with choices that are inline with your health goals and keep going.

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